Positive Reach 

What we believe

The mission of Positive Reach is to remove the barriers in our client’s personal and professional life by providing vocational skills training, youth transition program, job coaching, employment placement services that will uplift and bring clients to a level of success. Positive Reach will promote value of learning, self-worth among client’s services communities, providers and staff. Positive Reach will strive to meet or exceed our customers’ needs and expectations with professional performance.

Our vision is to see all individuals of all ages and culture come together unified and empowered by sharing the belief that they hold the power to create and shape how they live and grow. Our support services are designed to uplift and bring a person to a level of success by enhancing their lives; by helping them face demanding and challenging situations with enthusiasm and strength. 

We believe that support services form a relationship with other people, uplift their self-esteem and allows client's to become positive and independent members of society. We believe that human dignity and self-worth are enhanced through support services and with this we can minimize some of the social problems that exist in society.

Providing services gives the individuals opportunities and ability to live independently:

Encourage new ways of doing things setting challenging goals and achieving quality results
Seek continuous improvement of services to meet the needs of client’s
Actively support ongoing learning and professional development for all
Actively support cross divisional teaming to accomplish goals and objectives
Providing fast response and high quality of services by using experience to change lives